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black flat screen computer monitor
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Custom Music Production for Film and TV

Discover the perfect soundtrack for your visual projects. Our team specializes in music production for film and TV, offering song mixing, mastering, and production services. We work diligently and intentionally to create original music that perfectly captures the mood and emotion of a scene. From instrumental cues to full blown songs. We provide you with break out mixes, stems and anything your editors need to fit the composition to the scene.

indie band and artist producer

Music Production

I believe in the power of music to enhance storytelling. From concept to final mix, a your producer, I am dedicated to delivering high-quality music production that elevates your project. Many times we need that other perspective and many times knowledge in order to capture and transform words and melodies into a the ear candy we all want to hear. My style is very versatile, while keeping a modern sound and approach. Every song is different and needs to be nurtured as such to bring out the message in a musical way.

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Mixing and Mastering Services

Since 1998 I have been specialize in mixing and mastering songs. My career started in 1995 as an intern at Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, TX. Shortly after I was commissioned to work at a small indie label as their head engineer. Over the course of all those years, the biggest asset that developed were my ears. Skills we can all learn fairly quickly (especially with the advent of YouTube). But if we don't know how to listen critically and what to listen for, those skills are kind of useless as we just add more plugins and endlessly twist knobs not really knowing where we are going. Regardless of what the majority of new "engineers" emerge, this is a trade that takes time to develop. Nobody becomes great at an instrument without logging hours upon hours of practice time. Likewise, without a trained ear, many singers would not be able to sing on key. This is no different! Trust experience with your music, it will show in the end.

That said, I ensure that every element of your music is balanced, clear, and optimized for the best listening experience. With state-of-the-art equipment and a meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee professional-grade sound that will impress your audience.

Need your live band or performance mixed....?

Live Sound Mixing Services | nMedia Solutions

A new venture has been added to the list of services provided. And while a new business name emerges, this is not new territory. Mixing in a controlled environment like a studio is way different than doing front of house sound. However, the skills and the knowledge of how sound works is something that is developed hands on because every performance venue will have its own set of challenges.

Live sound experience includes; FOH for Praise and Worship bands, small parties, public and private events and more...

nMedia provides multi-media solutions for small to medium sized events, shows, concerts and more. Get in touch to discuss how we can better the sound at your next event.

"nMedia has been great to work with. Sound quality was top notch, very professional. Looking forward to working with nMedia again in the future. Highly Recommended!"

~ Jesus Bermeo | Legends of Jazz Event

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